Workshop 2 – How to develop Open Educational Resources policies at national and institutional level: The primary and secondary school sector

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The goal of the workshop is to discuss both existing best practices and possible future developments regarding policies in support of open educational resources.

At the start, Alek will provide an overview of European and worldwide OER policies and share his experiences with implementing such policies in Poland. Afterwards, participants together will discuss their experiences and ideas for policies supporting OER. We will focus in particular on policies for engaging educators into creating and using OERs – going beyond the traditional focus on policies for making public resources available.

The workshop will provide an opportunity to develop recommendations for policies supporting use and reuse of OER in primary and secondary education. The workshop will benefit from initial policy recommendations developed within the ExplOERer project, which concerns “supporting OER re-use in learning ecosystems”. The European “Opening Up Education” initiative will be presented as an important framework and point of reference.