Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) is one of the most liberal and modern universities in Lithuania, having liberal study policy, seeking and establishing successful international relations with other universities all over the world. There are 10 faculties at the university with more than 80 study programmes and more than 9000 students, while the number of teachers and researches is over 500. The academic community of VMU is united by the idea of “artes liberales”, i.e. the classical university of liberal arts. Warm, honest interaction and liberal humanistic spirit always follow and provide strength to the community.

VMU is a member of the most important European associations and international organizations of higher education and research, such as the European University Association, the European Association for International Education, the Baltic Sea Region University Network and the Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies.

VMU scientists have accumulated solid experience in international scientific research and project management. They hold memberships of national and international professional associations of diverse scientific areas and fields.

VMU was the first university in the Baltics to establish virtual mobility practices, and it is an active member in EDEN and EFQUEL organizations.

Innovative Studies Institute (VMU ISI) is a university unit working with different faculties on curriculum re-development for  distance and virtual studies.

Why we’re participating in OEI

Vytautas Magnus University has been coordinating and participating in European projects in e-learning. VMU ISI was coordinating and also involved in the following Project for Virtual mobility: Erasmus VC project „TeaCamp – Teacher Virtual Campus: Research, Practice, Apply“, Erasmus „UBIcamp: Integrated Solution to Virtual Mobility Barriers“ (No. 526843-LLP-1-2012-ES-ERASMUS-ESMO), Erasmus „VMCOLAB: European Co-Labaratory for the Integration of Virtual Mobility in Higher Education Innovation and Modernisation Strategies“ (527770-LLP-1-2012-1-BE-ERASMUS-ESMO), Erasmus VMPASS Project „Implementing Recognition of Virtual Mobility and OER Learning through a Learning Passport“ (No. 540476-LLP-1-2013-1-UK-ERASMUS-EQMC) – the projects which help to support colloboration of educators in virtual mobility.

Moreover, innovations in education were introduced during OpenScout Project and NORDLET Project consortium collaboration, where OER was approached and introduced at the university.

Participating in OEI project allows us to create tools that can be used for the all educators in Lithuania and around the world, mainly to activate educators to share ideas and utilize the colloboration environment in OER and OEI.

Our Role

Vytautas Magnus University is the leader of WP4 that the main objective is to validate the concept and tools by initial experiments with users creating OER together. Our main task is to build on the engagement workshop (WP1) and activate educators to share ideas and utilize the collaboration environment. VMU will also support skill development for Virtual Mobility and colloboration: based on previous projects.

Our Team

Airina Volungeviciene (a.volungeviciene@isi.vdu.lt) is head of the project at partner institution (VMU).
Gintaras Arbutavicius (g.arbutavicius@smf.vdu.lt) a researcher.
Migle Bagucanskyte (m.bagucanskyte@smf.vdu.lt) a researcher and activity manager.
Marius Sadauskas (m.sadauskas@isi.vdu.lt) a researcher for IT solutions.
Lijana Navickiene (l.navickiene@pvt.vdu.lt) a financial manager.

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