The Open Educational Ideas and Innovations-Day: Slides published

Sep 16, 2015
Anne Tannhäuser

From 4 to 7 September a series of events took place at ESCP Europe in Berlin. In the frame of the OEI2 project our university hosted the mainly German-speaking EduCamp – an open event, a so-called BarCamp – and offered a full day programme on open education and new ideas to interested educators, researchers and policy-makers with the wonderful input from presenters and facilitators from Europe and beyond.

Around 160 people joined over the weekend and approximately 50 individuals attended the international day. The 3,5 days led to several new idea spaces on topics and activities around open education. An upcoming blog post will highlight some of them soon – and contain some pictures of the event.

7 September started with a keynote by Marci Powell who warmed up the floor properly with an inspiring presentation on “Global Trends and Pedagogical Best Practices in Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age”.

Screenshot_slides Marci Powell

Then four different workshops engaged participants in various activities collaborating on ideas currently in progress:

How to develop Open Educational Resources policies at national and institutional level: The primary and secondary school sector facilitated by Alek Tarkowski


The worksop “Open Badges for Open Education” was led by Grainne Hamilton and Ilona Buchem


Ebba Ossiannilsson moderated an action-based workshop on “Launching European OER awards- A question of quality”


Two OEI2 project partners presented practices of co-creating resources with students and open collaborative course development at their universities.

Jan Pawlowski, University of Applied Sciences Ruhrwest shared with the audience: “Open educational ideas in practice – experiences from course development in information systems and e-learning”

Raimund Hudak, Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg) gave a talk on “Open collaboration among students and educators on research”

During the pre-event Anne-Christin Tannhäuser (ESCP, project team member) hosted a workshop in German presenting the idea space platform, its main features and concepts behind its development. Participants could try out the platform sharing their own ideas and gave constructive criticism for further improvement of the idea space.

If you would like to hear about opinions from participants, please take a look at the tweets from the event:

#openideas and #ecber15

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