“Design Principles for Collaboration Platforms for Open Education” – Paper presented at CSEDU2015

Jun 22, 2015
Anne Tannhäuser

CSEDU2015On behalf of the OEI2 project, Safa’a AbuJarour from ESCP Europe presented their recent findings at CSEDU 2015 in Lisbon (Portugal) with the paper entitled:

Design Principles for Collaboration Platforms for Open Education

Abstract “Increasing the current low uptake of Open Education Resources (OER) is a key challenge for researchers and practitioners in the field. User studies have shown that collaboration is a main success factor for successful open educational activities. However, effective collaboration in open educational contexts requires well planned processes and platforms supporting collaboration, in particular in physically distributed settings. We have been investigating the value of such platforms, their main features and user requirements to enable collaboration from immature ideas to completed resources. We used quantitative and qualitative research methods to collect insights from potential users of such collaboration platforms to validate our approach. Based on these insights, we developed a collaboration platform for open education. We validated our platform using observation groups and focus groups to identify the key design principles of powerful collaboration platforms for Open Education. Examples are the need for a simple tool, use of a common terminology, and considering Intellectual Property Rights. In this paper, we present our findings from an initial validation of our collaboration platform and give recommendations towards powerful collaboration platforms for open educational contexts”

Please read the full paper below (pdf).

Screenshot CSEDU paper

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