Open Educational Ideas discussed at EDEN Zagreb 2014

Aug 19, 2014
Anete Lejiete

EDEN 2014OEI workshop attracted attention of EDEN Zagreb 2014 conference participants who gathered to discuss collaborative idea generation and collaboration process, as well as OER pros and cons.

The participants of the workshop introduced themselves and expressed their traditional ways of idea sharing: a phone call or an e-mail, followed by a meeting with a glass of wine with friends and closest circles. Collaboration process usually meaning gaining of expertise, but also increasing competition. One of the key success factors, undoubtedly, is a clear win – win clarification from the very beginning, with all potential benefits laid on the table for all collaborators.

Later in the run, workshop attendees expressed the topics they would like to collaborate on:

–          Virtual reality programming

–          Virtual reality designing

–          Blended learning environment designing for teachers

–          Basic competence development courses

–          Creating new plugins for Moodle

–          Moodle manual collaborative development

–          Writing stories on how to overcome discrimination

–          Case study data base from European industry services

–          Innovative business models course development

–          And others…

Warm and cosy atmosphere continued in the room, inspired by open discussion, pointing out pros and cons of OER, as well as discussing important questions as: what is the level and scope of OERs? How do we understand OER and how our understanding differs?

Here are some of the issues pointed out:
“Legal issues are still a challenge, copyright is not clear enough.”
“We still need trust building and knowledge sharing to proceed with this.”

OEI project attracted great interest from the participants and led to a conclusion that a portal for collaborative development of open educational ideas is needed. Clarification, rules and trust building should be close at hand, inspired by those we trust and we see „deeper“ in the business.

OEI workshop in Zagreb initiated a continuous interest in and discussion about OEI.

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