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Dedicated work of educators and institutions to create, share and remix open educational resources most often goes without any official valorisation. This workshops sets out to gather ideas and bring together interested individuals in order to change that. It starts out with a presentation and outline of the session. Participants will introduce themselves, their interests and personal goals for the workshop on the theme Launching European OER awards- A question of quality (ca 20 min).

A short introduction on OER will be given, followed by input on the current state of the art on OER and quality to serve as a common ground for further discussion and contributions (ca 20 min).

Working methods

The theme Launching European OER awards – A question of quality will then be discussed guided by questions such as:

  • An award for what and to whom? What constitutes good OER/a successful good practice?
  • Why should an award be granted? Making a case for future activities
  • How to arrange for the activities and when?
  • Who should be involved in the future?

This part will follow a “World Café” format, where participants are moving between different tables each guided by a rapporteur for continuity who documents fresh ideas. To facilitate the discussion some questions/reflections/statements (also from pre -reflections through the web) will be handed out for each of the Café tables (80 min).

The workshop will in the end summarize the upcoming ideas for further steps to be shared and possibly collaborated on online (ca 30 min).


Ebba Ossiannilsson:

I earned my PhD at Oulu University, Finland (2012) with a dissertation on quality in e-learning. I served as research leader for the ICDE research study on global overview of quality models. I am in the EDEN EC and awarded the EDEN Fellow title (2014). With EADTU I serve as a quality reviewer.

I am V President in the Swedish Association of Distance Education, and board member and advisory for EdTech Sweden.  I am the Swedish partner and contact node for Campus NOOA (Norway). I am an expert with focus on quality in open online learning at Lund University, Sweden.