Open educational ideas event 4 September 2015 in Berlin – Go academic or less formal?

May 07, 2015
Anne Tannhäuser

berlin-307382_1280We are happy to announce that we will organize an event at ESCP Business School Berlin in September in partnership with EduCamp e.V. The latter is a non-profit organisation bringing together the German technology-enhanced learning community twice a year for an unconference. Hence 5 and 6 September will be dedicated to on-the-spot programme planning and fluid exchange – everybody is invited to suggest topics in the plenary and rooms are reserved according to interest in the audience. Also sessions in English can be offered.

Day one, 4 September, will focus entirely on open educational ideas and innovations. We hope to kick start some new collaborations and discuss fresh plans with an open mind, but also present a solid picture of achievements and knowledged gained throughout our initiative.

We are interest what you think:

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